Quit smoking before pregnancy

    "Smoking is dangerous to your health," "Smoking when pregnant harms your baby" - two of the many slogans as they are to be found on cigarette packets. Cigarette smoke contains around 4,000 different substances, including nicotine, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. These substances are highly toxic to the human body part, and for long-term health effects responsible for. Heart attack, stroke, hypertension and cancer are the possible consequences.

    Smoking also has a negative effect on the sexuality of women and men. In women, smoking and infertility in men lead to impotence. During pregnancy increases the risk for complications from smoking and the likelihood of premature or stillbirth. Even passive smoking is harmful to pregnant women and their unborn child for.

    Impact on fertility

    Scientific studies have shown that smoking affects fertility. Because smoking increases the pollutant concentration in the endometrium. This makes the fertilization and implantation of an egg. Approximately one year after the last cigarette is the normal fertility restored. 

    But the generative power of men is reduced by smoking. The blood supply of the testes is reduced, which has a negative sperm production and quality can impact on.

    Consequences for the pregnancy

    The pollutants that inhalation of cigarette smoke in the body are released through the cause constriction of blood vessels. During pregnancy, they will lead to decreased blood flow to the placenta . In the placenta, however, finds all the oxygen and nutrient exchange between mother and child instead of the. Smoking which prevents the supply of the embryo with sufficient oxygen and nutrients and affects the healthy development of the child. 

    In comparison have children of women who have smoked in pregnancy, lower birth weight than children of non smoking women. Moreover, increases the risk that the children are underdeveloped at birth. The lung function of newborns can smoke during pregnancy are affected by this. Studies have shown that a person with smoking before pregnancy, start stop, clear health risk to the child and the likelihood of premature or stillbirth reduces.

    No smoking in pregnancy

    Women who planned a pregnancy with the wish to quit smoking before, being able to free places on a personal advise cessation program can be different, for example, when smokers Telephone, one of the competent health insurance or with a company doctor a general practitioner. The diagnosis of the smoking habits, ie, a nicotine dependence is whether and how strong it is, can be made by medical side. A detailed diagnosis, a psychologist specialized treatment to the smoker or a psychologist to make it. 

    For many women, pregnancy is a special motivation to quit smoking. For the smoking cessation experts generally advise: the sooner the better. How long does it take to stop smoking with depends on the degree of nicotine dependence and the actual readiness of the parties concerned on the. In most cases, succeed in stopping smoking is not from one day to another. From the first meeting to the cessation treatment sessions are often several consultations and necessary. Often an effective smoking cessation extends over several weeks.

    Using it's easier

    Help and support in smoking cessation offer brief advice by medical doctors or health psychologists / health psychologists. In cessation programs for individuals or groups with personal care is an intensive monitoring in a smoke-free life. 

    In the initial meeting will include the analysis of smoking behavior in and asks how much willingness is to stop smoking with. Then approach is further discussed as a long-term smoking cessation can be achieved. Depending on personal desire and a need for the first interview the possibility of continued care. 
    Support in efforts to quit smoking, 3-A can offer the technology. A is here waiting for the alternatives, deflecting and cutting off that smoking used to be instead of. Waiting means that a craving attack usually after a few minutes is over and up to ten minutes to be waited for. In deflecting means by Gusto on cigarettes to another activity to focus his attention, such as reading, a glass of water. Is cut off for a short-term change of location, for example, on the toilet or to fresh air. 

    Nicotine replacement is not recommended for pregnant women. Should quit without medical assistance not be possible, the attending physician or the patient's physician be consulted. The use of nicotine replacement therapy should only be done under medical supervision. The cost of medical assistance are not covered by health insurance. 

    Also regular exercise helps in smoking cessation to prevent withdrawal symptoms and is - in consultation with the doctor gives you - even for pregnant women possible. The benefits of physical training on smoking cessation - at least 30 minutes, two or three times per week - until proven in many studies.

    Use has been scientifically

    Researchers from the Cochrane Collaboration studies on smoking cessation programs systematically evaluated different. An important finding is that smoking cessation programs can help provide successful if pregnant women want to quit smoking with the.And babies of mothers who have participated in a smoking cessation course arrived, less often or too early in the underdeveloped world.

    About a quarter of pregnant women smokes!

    In Austria, smoking estimated 20-30 percent of pregnant women - at least at the beginning of a pregnancy. Only half are consumption during pregnancy on. However, 56 percent to catch up again after childbirth. 
    In terms of the total population smoke 19 percent of all 15-year-old women on a daily basis (27 percent of men).

    Where can I go and how is the cost cover?

    For a first discussion on the possibilities of stopping smoking or for smoking therapy itself, you can contact the following agencies: 
    • Smokers phone at 0810 810 013 (maximum of € 0.10 per minute): As a nationwide initiative of the social security institutions, the countries and the Ministry of Health smoking phone supports the way into the smoke-free!Experienced Clinical and health psychologists offer Monday to Friday 13:00 bis 18:00 clock telephone advice and support during smoking cessation, especially for expectant parents and pregnant women. The site also contains a list of counseling centers in Austria: .
    • Outpatient smoking cessation of health insurance: Health insurance companies offer their facilities and outpatient smoking cessation counseling programs in. The cost of the insurance company takes over, only the cost of any medical assistance must pay for itself. The consultancy is an appointment necessary and the e-card to bring. The current offers are available directly from the individual health insurance.
    • Inpatient smoking cessation in specialized institutions: This is usually a several-week "cure" with special cessation programs. Under certain conditions (for example, secondary disease COPD , severe dependence) costs borne by the respective social security up to the deductible. This requires, however, in the run-together family doctor / family doctor or the lung specialist doctor to the lung specialist, an application for "rehabilitation, spa and recreation residence" are made with the. Rehabilitation centers, for example for Pulmonary Diseases, see the rehabilitation compass . More information (including the Kostenabdeckdung), see the rehabilitation and recuperation .
    • Established medical doctors with additional qualifications smoking cessation,see . A one-time advice on the screening of relaying to the smoker phone is for patients / patients free of charge. The smoking cessation in a / an established doctor / physician is not paid by health insurance.
    • Specialised psychologists / psychologists: contract psychologists / psychologist contract can cost a smoker with the insurance r├╝ckverrechnen the diagnosis. This requires a medical referral for clinical psychological diagnosis with suspected "abuse of nicotine," "nicotine dependence" is necessary. Specialised psychologists / psychologist (smoking treatment, smoking cessation) can be found . Also a list of all psychologists with cash contract is available on the website of the professional association. Some have health insurance list of its cash and cash psychologist psychologists on its website published.

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    2. can smoking not let u be pregnant